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All food is most certainly NOT created equal. More and more, research shows that the old adage, “you are what you eat”, had it right long ago.


Stephanie helps guide clients through the tricky process of healthy eating.


The process starts with the client filling out a Vitality Check form and Dietary Needs Survey to determine the client’s current nutritional situation.


This is followed by establishing goals (weight loss, general health, both, etc).

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Stephanie exercises her deep concern for the environment by helping clients find sources for organically grown, vine ripened fruits and vegetables as well as grass finished meats and eggs.


Finally, Stephanie helps clients on their journey to attaining proper nutrition by sourcing high-quality supplements.

These measures are critical so that we all get what we truly need to fuel our journey to top physical and mental health.

Once this foundation is set, Stephanie teaches clients how to read labels to determine the true quality of foods and their ingredients. She guides them on how to identify and target

low glycemic foods and natural food sources that exclude or limit genetic engineering and pesticides.

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